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Unemployment Compensation

Central PA Unemployment

Have you become unemployed due to no fault of your own but have been denied unemployment benefits? Contact our unemployment attorney, Justin C. Gearty Jr., Esquire, for a free evaluation of your case.


Qualifying for Unemployment in PA

To qualify for unemployment benefits in PA, you must be unemployed due to no fault of your own. This means that if you voluntarily quit your job or violate company policy, you may not qualify for unemployment benefits. However, a thorough evaluation of the circumstances leading up to your separation needs to be done in order to determine your chances of success in an action for unemployment.  Even if you voluntarily quit, you may still be eligible for PA Unemployment Compensation Benefits and thus it is critical to review your case with an Unemployment claims attorney.

What to do When You Lose Your Job

If you have lost your job, the first step is to apply for unemployment benefits. This can be done by going to: Once on the site, search for unemployment and complete the application for benefits.The application will ask you several questions about your employment and the reason for separation.  You should consult an unemployment attorney prior to completing this application to review the specific facts regarding your claim for unemployment benefits. Once the application is received, the unemployment commission will contact your employer and they will give the employer a chance to respond. If the employer claims that you were unemployed due to your own conduct, the initial application may be denied.

What to do if Your Unemployment Application Has Been Denied

If your unemployment application has been denied, you should contact Attorney Gearty for an assessment of your case. Attorney Gearty can file an appeal on your behalf, but please note that an appeal must be filed within the timelines prescribed by the unemployment commission. After the appeal has been filed, a hearing before a referee will be scheduled.  It is very important that you have an attorney that is experienced representing people before Unemployment Referees.  At the UC Referee’s hearing, you will have an opportunity to call witnesses and to cross-examine the employer’s witnesses. The referee will then make a determination regarding your eligibility for unemployment benefits. If you do not get the result that you desire at this hearing, an appeal can be taken before the Unemployment Board.

How Can An Attorney Help?

At Gearty Law, we will review the facts and let you know the strengths and weaknesses of the case. Attorney Gearty will prepare for and will present your case for you by introducing witnesses and cross-examining the employer’s witnesses. Given the fact that the determination made will affect your ability to claim unemployment benefits, it is critical that you put the best case forward and this is best accomplished by having a lawyer present your case for you.


Attorney Gearty accepts Unemployment Compensation cases in the following PA counties: Lancaster, York, Dauphin, Berks, Adams, Cumberland, and more.
Often times, these cases are handled on a flat fee basis.