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Post Conviction Relief Act


Even if a criminal defendant has appealed to the Superior Court or the time to file an appeal has expired, he still has avenues for a sentence reduction, new trial, or even discharge. In Pennsylvania, the Post Conviction Relief Act (or “PCRA”) is that path.

The PCRA allows defendants to challenge the constitutionality of the proceedings against them, the legality of their sentence, or even the effectiveness of their attorney. If they win, the PCRA court can vacate their conviction, force the district attorney to extend a plea bargain, order a new trial, or even discharge them.

The PCRA has strict requirements for relief, however, and an experienced attorney is the best way to increase the chance of success. For example, the PCRA has timing and pleading requirements that, if not met, will all but doom a claim.

At Gearty Law Office, we know PCRAs. We know the rules, statutes, and cases, so that we can give you the edge you need in tough cases. If you have doubts about a criminal conviction, call us. We will review your case and give you our opinion through the eyes of experienced PCRA litigators.