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The consequences of a drug conviction are enormous. As we are seeing a larger variety of drug crimes than at any time in the past, there is also an increase in the number of prosecutions of such crimes in both state and federal courts. This includes charges ranging from distribution, possession and manufacture of substances such as marijuana, heroin, prescription drugs and synthetic drugs.As every drug arrest is different, it is necessary to contact a criminal defense attorney who will pay particular attention to the facts of your case. At the Law Office of Justin C. Gearty, Jr., who will be working with an attorney and will be there for you from the moment you visit our office until your case is entirely resolved. Justin Gearty will personally speak with you, investigate your case, and discuss with you your every option.

Experience When Experience Is Needed Most

Attorney Justin C. Gearty, Jr., is uniquely qualified to provide criminal defense representation when you are facing charges for a drug arrest. Besides being an experienced criminal and drug defense lawyer who represents clients in state and federal court almost every day, he also spent seven years in the field of addiction counseling individuals facing various chemical dependency issues. This includes working with individuals of all ages and income levels.

Throughout the course of his experience, he has worked extensively with juveniles facing criminal charges, and he has a rapport with such young people and is sensitive to their needs. As young people often struggle with emotional or chemical dependency issues, we do what is necessary to place them in touch with the resources they need. My goal is to always resolve the matter with the young person’s best interests in mind.

At the Law Office of Justin C. Gearty, Jr., we are comfortable trying your case in state or federal court. We also have the skills to negotiate for lesser charges. With the burden of proof being upon prosecuting attorneys, we force these prosecutors to either prove their case or reduce or dismiss all charges.

Contact An Experienced Drug Defense Lawyer Today

If facing drug crime charges or any other criminal charges, do not delay. Contact the Law Office of Justin C. Gearty, Jr., by calling 717-925-0826 to schedule a consultation. We will answer your questions and advise you regarding your every option. Our office is in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We are available for a consultation during evenings and on weekends. We will also make home and jail visits.