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Substance abuse, whether that is the abuse of illegal substances or a legal substance like alcohol, comes into play in various different areas of law and is frequently seen at the Law Office of Justin C. Gearty Jr. When substance abuse is an issue in your legal matter, it is critical that you have an attorney that understands substance abuse issues in great detail. By having a lawyer familiar with that subject matter, the attorney can better prepare you for the questioning in the court and can assist you in getting treatment to ensure your case is presented in the best light possible. If the substance abuse issue is on the other side, for example; the other side of a custody case, you need an attorney that can effectively cross-examine the other side to establish any remaining issues, such as whether they have successfully completed ALL necessary treatment, whether the treatment recommendations were appropriate given the facts and circumstances of this case, whether sufficient drug testing has been done, whether the person has established a sufficient support system, etc.

Attorney Gearty is much more familiar than most with substance abuse issues. Attorney Gearty began working in addictions treatment in 2002. In July of 2016, Attorney Gearty became a shareholder and president of the board of H.S.A. Counseling, Inc, which now does business as Gearty and Skiles Counseling. Gearty and Skiles provides outpatient drug and alcohol treatment in Lancaster and Ephrata. Attorney Gearty has spoken on the topic of drug addiction in schools, rehab centers, jails, prisons, detention centers, etc. Mr. Gearty traveled the country working with over 30 different treatment centers as a business analyst.

If you or someone you know that has a case that involves substance abuse, such as a criminal case, child custody case, divorce matter, protection from abuse matter, or other, contact Gearty Law today for a free phone consultation.