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Criminal Law and DUI Charges

Representation in all aspects, including Plea Negotiation, ARD, Probation Violations, Bail hearings, Trial, and Appeals.

At Gearty Law, we believe in justice for all. One of our main goals is to make justice affordable to each client that walks through our doors.


Our criminal lawyer will make sure your rights are protected if you have been charged with a crime. Attorney Gearty handles legal cases including felony, misdemeanors, summary offenses, traffic cases, DUI offenses and drug offenses.

“Great representation, excellent attorney. I am grateful for Justin’s help in my case. He got me the best deal that I could have gotten. He was very helpful in explaining things to me, and was great in communicating. He answered every email and phone call, and answered every question I had. HIs prices were really reasonable for all the work that he did. He was on top of my case the whole time he represented me. I would highly recommend Justin for your legal matters.”

At Gearty Law, we know that sometimes good people get charged with a crime. Having a criminal conviction can affect many areas of your life; from job prospects to your good reputation in the community and sometimes, even your freedom.

You MUST have an aggressive criminal lawyer on your side fighting for your rights.

You need to have a criminal lawyer fighting for you early in the criminal law process. The police will have the district attorney fighting for them from the beginning, so you should have the same level of representation. Once you retain Gearty Law, we will act aggressively on your behalf to negotiate a plea, bring the case to trial, or obtain a dismissal earlier in the process.


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What to do When Arrested for a Crime

Been charged with a crime?
First, be polite to the police officer and politely let him/her know that you will not speak with them without an attorney.
Next, contact criminal lawyer Gearty via email at: or call at: 717-490-6325.

Phones rings 24/7 in case of an emergency or late night/weekend arrest. Often we are able to charge a flat fee, so you will know the total cost up front.

We offer free phone consultations so you will have a chance to speak with a criminal lawyer to voice your concerns prior to spending a dime.