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About Us

Just as everyone should have a family doctor, everyone should also have a family lawyer and Gearty Law would like to be your and your family's law firm or your business's law firm. Gearty Law is a general practice law firm. The following are some of the areas of law that we practice in:  PA divorce law, child custody law, child support, spousal support, adoption, protection from abuse on behalf of plaintiffs, protection from abuse defense, DUI defense, criminal defense, personal injury, drug and alcohol treatment center malpractice, unemployment appeals, business law, foreclosure defense, estate planning, probate, and other general civil litigation.


Individualized Services

It is the goal of Gearty Law to provide individualized legal representation and counseling to each client. Our clients are not just another file. Gearty Law Offices tries to accommodate every client's special needs. The law firm offers day, evening, and weekend appointments in addition to house-calls (in certain situations). Extended hours of phone availability are utilized so each client can always have his or her concerns addressed during a crisis. Attorney Justin Gearty also provides frequent status updates regarding cases via phone, email, or mail so the client always knows the progress of his or her case.  We understand that each case is different, every person is different, and each client comes in with their own unique needs.  All staff here at Gearty Law strive to address those unique needs.  We are not a 'one size fits all' type of practice as each case demands its own independent strategy that is created based on the requests of the client, facts of the case, and the applicable law(s) that apply to the case.

We are able to assist with representation in most areas of law.  In the few areas of law that we may not handle, we are able to refer out to our extensive network of attorneys.

"When we were going through a rough time with custody and false accusations of abuse, Justin gave us hope when nobody else could. Great representation, very professional, and he makes you feel like more than just another client. We will recommend him to everybody. Definately will call him again if needed. Thanks so much for everything Justin!"

Why Gearty Law?

  • Individualized services -  we take the time to learn about our clients and we take the time to develop rapport with each client.  A successful attorney/client relationship is based on trust and to develop that trust, rapport needs established.  This process begins with your very first call into our office.  Our entire staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service.  Our employees are happy to come to work and it shows.  Our team of support staff have been with us for many years and each of them consistently receive very high remarks about the customer service they provide.  When you hire our law firm, you will have a relationship with our lawyers, paralegals, and office manager.  Each of them will be familiar with you and the specifics of your case and each of them will greet you with the kindness that you deserve.
  • Lack of arrogant behavior - we have all met that doctor or lawyer that displays a high level of arrogance.  We have also all met the doctor or lawyer that makes us feel rushed and makes us feel like they don't want to take the time to get to know us.  You will not experience that type of behavior at Gearty Law.  We only hire attorneys and support staff that are committed to giving the highest level of respect and have the ability to express empathy.  You will be given an appropriate amount of time to have your concerns heard and addressed (that is what you are paying a lawyer for!!).  We will thoroughly explain your options to you and give you the opportunity to ask questions.  We will explain everything in plain English instead of using unnecessary legalese.  Our role is to explain the options and then let you chose which option you want to pursue.  From there, we pursue that option with zealous representation.
  • Tough and seasoned trial attorneys - although we will always treat our clients with respect and we will always avoid any type of arrogant attitude towards our clients, we will nonetheless aggressively and thoroughly represent your interests inside and outside of a courtroom.  Once we step into that courtroom, our sole focus is on achieving the results that our client is seeking.  The gloves come off at that time (as the saying goes).  There is a time and place for everything so although we treat our clients with kindness, we are still tough when needed and aggressive in a courtroom and outside of the courtroom.   The combined experience of our attorneys adds up to many hundreds or even thousands of court appearances and thus we have the experience needed to conduct an effective cross-examination and to make compelling arguments on behalf of our clients.
  • Alternative billing
  • Reduced Fee/retainer options in certain cases
  • Payment plans available in certain cases
  • Day, weekend, and evening appointments and house calls
  • Extended hours of phone availability so you can have your concerns addressed as they arise (There is an attorney on call during most days and times and if you do call after hours and your call isn't immediately answered, an attorney will return your call promptly.)
  • Experienced and dedicated team consisting of law clerks, office managers,
    attorneys and outside professionals to utilize as experts.
  • Experienced and uncompromising trial attorneys that will forcefully advocate on
    your behalf and won't be afraid to bring your case to a jury or bench trial if negotiations fail.
  • Gearty Law's attorneys are experienced in handling appeals, including appeals before the PA Superior Court. If you did not obtain a just and fair result at your trial, contact one of the appellate attorneys at Gearty Law immediately following your trial for aggressive appellate representation.
  • Team approach - we take a team approach to the practice of law.  At many law firms, when you hire an attorney you are receiving advice and representation based on the opinions and thoughts of that lawyer or maybe that lawyer and a paralegal.  At Gearty Law, we take a team approach.  Three minds are better than one and four or five or more minds is better than one or two.  Our team routinely meets and reviews each case.  We have regular strategy sessions, particularly for more complicated matters.  These meetings involve our attorneys, paralegals, and other professionals (as needed depending on the needs of each case).  This process allows us to have the benefit of having a strategy based on the collective opinion of the group.  This is beneficial because it is helpful to understand how other people see a particular case.  Often times, this results in some strategy that wasn't originally thought of until there was a group discussion.  For more complicated cases, we may even have two or three attorneys in the courtroom for a trial.  We frequently have a paralegal with an attorney at trial to assist with the case.  The best part of this is that we don't charge the client for the time of all of the professionals involved in these strategy sessions.  Even though we may have multiple attorneys working on your matter or assisting with strategy or some component of your case, you are only paying for one attorney, however, you are getting the benefit of the professional opinion and representation of many!  At many firms, if they had more than one attorney at your trial, you would be paying each attorneys hourly rate.  By billing for each attorney, it makes the process affordable for most.  It is our opinion that access to quality representation should not be limited to the rich.  We make high quality and aggressive representation available to all and as mentioned above, if we believe a case would benefit from having more than one attorney at trial, then we do so without billing any extra.
  • Extensive trial preparation - The key to success is in preparation.  At Gearty Law, we take the time to thoroughly prepare for each case.  We will meet with witnesses to prepare them for trial, review all necessary documents, conduct thorough discovery, have meetings (sometimes many meetings) with our client to gain more information, and will take whatever additional steps to properly prepare as may be needed based on the unique needs of each case.  Additional steps for preparation may include a mock jury (in certain cases).  A mock jury is where we pull citizens from the community to come to the office and hear the evidence of the case.  During a mock trial, we would take the testimony from our witnesses and from our client(s).  The mock jury would also hear what we expect that the actual jury would hear from the other side.  Once the mock jury has heard all of the relevant evidence, then they deliberate just like a real jury.  They then return with a verdict of guilty or not guilty for a criminal case and liable or not liable in a civil case.  In addition to a verdict, we also submit detailed questionnaires to the mock jurors so we can gain insight into how the jurors viewed various pieces of evidence.  We then use the information gain from the mock trial to assist in final preparation for the actual trial.  We often receive very valuable information from this process.


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Gearty Law offers a wide range of payment options to fit everyone's needs.

  • Personal Injury Cases - Contingency Fee (no fee unless you win)
  • Criminal Law - Flat Fees / Retainer / Hourly
  • Family Law - Flat Fees / Retainer / Hourly
  • Business Law - Flat fees/Retainer/Hourly
  • Foreclosure Defense - Flat fees/Retainer/Hourly
  • Wills - Flat Fee
  • Other - Call for Details


Gearty Law even offers payment plans and reduced fees in certain situations. Call for details.